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In the United States, computers help decide who goes to jail. But their judgment may be no better than <i>Skip Tracer</i> ours

But when they’re wrong, they reveal a similar racial bias. Both man and machine incorrectly guessed that more blacks would be arrested than actually were (false positive) and that more whites would not be arrested (false negative). J. DRESSEL ET AL., SCIENCE ADVANCES, EAAO5580, 2018, ADAPTED BY C. AYCOCK/SCIENCE Dressel was surprised. So was Megan Stevenson, an economist and legal scholar at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia, who found that a similar risk assessment system in Kentucky  hasn’t changed the number of prisoners released on bail . Stevenson says she always assumed algorithms were at least somewhat better than people at assessing risk, so the new study—which she calls the first “horse race” between man and algorithm—left her “quite shocked.” In a second experiment, Dressel and her adviser, Dartmouth computer scientist Hany Farid, explored whether a simple algorithm could beat COMPAS, which typically uses six factors from a 137-item questionnaire to assess risk. (A common misperception is that all 137 items are used to score risk, when most determine which rehabilitation programs an offender might qualify for.) They created their own algorithm, ultimately settling on just two factors: age and number of prior convictions. Plugging that information into a simple formula yielded predictions that were right about 67% of the time—similar to the COMPAS score. Robinson says those results reflect something long known in criminology: If you’re young, you’re risky.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/01/united-states-computers-help-decide-who-goes-jail-their-judgment-may-be-no-better-ours

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